Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Skulk of Sulky Foxgloves

Here are some befores from my gardening escapade on Thursday.
Apart from dirty fingernails and a much less depressing looking garden I came away with a 1cm strip of sunburn across my back where my shirt meets my pants {or doesn't quite} ~ ouch!

 Before ~ my front steps - depressing. The only survivors being some thyme which did quite well.

 A skulk of sulky foxgloves ~ these had to go. Not only because they weren't doing too well despite allegedly being drought tolerant but they were making me nervous being planted so close to my herbs in the bed across the steps ~ I've read enough Agatha Christie's to know what happens next {considering how often I ask my children in the dim light of dusk to go out and pick me some herbs for dinner}... so they will be banished to a far corner of the garden.

The beds either side of the steps. My Dahlias were going good until the grasshoppers got to them so I will replant them at the back of the house in some large pots and hope the little mites won't be clever enough to find them. A good dig, a weed, some new compost, et voila ready for some new plants.

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