Tuesday, March 8, 2011

H is for Homework

Been putting the Jan/Feb calendar from Frankie to good use, now that March/April, {I know, already!} is up on the fridge. There is a cute alphabet poster on the back so it's up on the wall at the 
"Homework Nook" which is a fabulous little corner of our lounge room which is so fabulous because when the homework is finished, {which is never}, you can just sweep away all the stuff and it's a dinning table! or.. a craft table, which is why we often eat on the couch.

Homework time can be a teeny bit stressful. Tears and tantrums from myself and a lot of bossiness and rock star behaviour from my 6 year old. He must have exactly the right pencil before he will perform any work and needs to be kept motivated and on task with small rewards every 5 seconds. There is also frequent suspicious trips to the bathroom and between his flashes of brilliance in which he is able to write a single word on the page, he alternately lies on the floor with his arm dramatically flung across his face or jumps on the couch.  Well, maybe I exaggerate, it's not all bad, sometimes we have fun and play games and he tells me hilarious stories about his day. 
He is trying so hard and I have found some things which are really helpful such as these alphabet 
blocks, the dominoes and some of those plastic magnet letters we all had on the fridge when 
we were little. 
They are great, he likes spelling out words with them. I hope it will all come together for him soon. Reading was such a fundamental part of my childhood, it was what I loved to do, it makes me sad that it hasn't come naturally to either of my boys. He does however, love stories being read to him and that is something we both look forward to. 
He is so, so proud of himself now that he is able to "read" some stories to me.

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