Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

What a happy video!
Made ever so much more sweeter with one of my favourite tracks ever from "The Temper Trap".
The simple joy of turning off your light and lighting a candle has been magnified 1000 fold on a global scale and is a beautiful, wonderful thing to see. Apart from saving electricity and highlighting environmental awareness, it is symbolic of how a single act by a single person can make a difference {just when you thought maybe you don't count that much in the big scheme of things}.
 I also am moved by people's hope and optimism and care for the place they live in and their solidarity on an international level.
All you have to do is turn your lights off for this hour.

and is now HUGE - Globally huge!

• It is on this Saturday • 
March 26 2011  8:30 PM ~ 9:30 PM   


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