Monday, March 21, 2011

New Farm Park's Summerhouse?

Bandstand, originally uploaded by Roystan
It has been 11 years in the making but now it looks as though it may never happen! Please visit this website and have a good read and sign the petition to have New Farm Park's Summerhouse rebuilt to replicate the one which burnt down 11 years ago.

I would love to see this beautiful building back in our park.
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* the photograph above shows New Farm Park's iconic Bandstand, not to be confused for The Summerhouse {of which I could not find a suitable picture! }


Loma van der Linden said...

Hey Ainslie, I think that photo might be of the gazebo/bandstand (it's where we were married) not of the summerhouse. I have signed the petition, thanks for bringing it to my attention :-)

suburbansider said...

Yes - you are right!
I chose this pic because it was an iconic view of the park and because it was pretty and because I couldn't find a good one of the summerhouse but I realise now it was a bit misleading! I think I'll put in a caption - duh - what a dummy I am! I don't want anyone thinking the treasured bandstand has burned down too!
Lovely that you were married there! - I think it's got to be one of the most beautiful spots in Brissy.
thanks for sharing the link too - I hope a sensible conclusion that will benefit all will be reached soon.
Cheers Ains x

Loma van der Linden said...

you are not a dummy at all - we have just misunderstood each other, all good. I really enjoy reading your blog as it always makes me feel so proud to be a brisbane-ite. It is a beautiful photo of New Farm park that you have used, I can almost smell the roses. Thanks for sharing again.

suburbansider said...

Thank you Loma, that's really lovely,
Ains x

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