Friday, January 6, 2012

January Photo A Day

Fat Mum Slim has created a list for anyone wanting to join in this years January Photo A Day.
I have joined in for the first time and almost a week in ~ I am really enjoying the challenge.
It's not not really a "challenge" because it's really fun and easy peasy but it is a great way to focus on an exercise that will develop your creativity and at the end you will have a neat little collection of images.
This is my collection for the first week.
I am also posting my images daily here at flickr. where I have a little explanation under each photo.


It's not too late to follow along.
Check out the details here JANUARY PHOTO A DAY
It's really interesting seeing everyone else's interpretations too.
You don't need a blog or to even post them anywhere at all, you can just do it for yourself.
You don't have to be a photographer, it's for everyone!
 Let me know if you're playing along too!


jody said...

I am loving this challenge too! so much fun! xx jody

Chibi Run said...

I love your collage and your lovely letterbox. :)
It's been so fun following everyone!
I'm doing the challenge too via my blog
Happy new year! xx

cristina said...

Im liking your letterbox photo! I started also on the 1st January, except i didnt know about this list, so i might follow along with the daily themes now for inspiration!

Im at

Happy Snappping!

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