Sunday, January 22, 2012

perfect sunday

I went for my long hilly Sunday walk and took my older son with me.
His Uncle Dan is going to keep us honest for the rest of the year - as he said, "only 40 or so more walks to go and imagine how fit you'll be!"
I am impressed with myself for sticking to it for several weeks now, mostly because I am most definitely NOT a morning person, especially not a 6am Sunday morning person! But it's been great and when Liam joined us today for the first time, he kept up all the way and we kept our speed from the week before - what a champion! Helps when you have got someone to motivate you and be waiting at your front door each week - thanks Dan!

Some beautiful "rain flowers" at Dan's and my sister Louise's house.

Apart from the fitness benefits of our walks - getting up early makes the day really long and I have
been fitting heaps in!
I have finished my "Back Room Reorganise" and took some photos...

One room down and quite a few more to go but it feels great having a proper dining room after being squished into a corner of our lounge. Our back room now has an area to eat and a reading corner. Behind the table is my cupboard holding all of the riffraff such as cleaning stuff, my ironing board and vacum a shelf for all of our board games and puzzles. We've been enjoying family dinners and sitting around fighting over games. I thought I'd better take some pics before the table inevitably becomes buried under homework, sewing, projects, etc over the next week.

Like my free suitcase? Courtesy of The Side Of The Road.

Then there was the last minute grocery shopping to for The Start Of The New School Year...

Who on earth goes to Woolworths on a Sunday afternoon the day before school's back?
Geez, get organised people - it was really crowded and annoying. {okay, that admittedly was me}.
It was gridlock with trolleys fully of school lunch paraphernalia being strategically crammed into queues at the checkouts. It was like a badly played game of tetrus by a lot of harassed looking mothers.
The streets outside the school are going to look like that too tomorrow morning and I just know there
are going to be tons of new parents who don't get the parking system.
{like me ~ again, who got a ticket on my first child's first day of school ~ so mean!}

However, it was worth the trip. I found these ~ BANANA MILKY WAY!

Did some office tidying - it's a "Work In Progress"...

And finally, just because it's been so unusually cool and breezy in the afternoons for this time of year ~ another walk...

Another perfect Sunday. Hope yours was too!


katiecrackernuts said...

By the side of the road dishes up great goodies, doesn't it. That's a great score.
And a banana Milky Way found in the supermarket aisles. Not sure what I think about that one. A little queasy, if anything. Was it any good?

Lou said...

I love all the photos, its great to see your dining room looking all lovely! lou xo

suburbansider said...

Hey Katie ~ Yes I have found some really, really great stuff on the side of the road and the milky way was pure joy!!
Thanks Lou ~ couldn't have done it with out you!

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