Wednesday, January 11, 2012

school book labels - free download!

It's that time of the year again... back to school and back to uni which means book covering.
Got to try and make it fun because I do not like covering books!

Did you collect novelty erasers in the 80s?
I did and I still have some.
Me and my boys have been adding to the collection over the years when we find them at
garage sales or markets.

Last year I created some book labels for my kids using erasers from my stash.
You can read about it here
Heaps of people liked them so I have put them up for you to download and print out to use too!

It's really easy.
Go to this link, download, save to your desktop, print them out!

I recommend sticking the downloaded pdf on to a usb {memory stick} and taking it to somewhere
like Officeworks to get it printed on thick card.
That way your labels will be more durable and won't smudge.
*remember to only print out the second page of the document which are the labels themselves.
The ones I did last year lasted great {and with my boys, that's saying something}.

You could print them on to sticker paper or adhere them to your books using sticky tape,
clear contact over the top, put them under those plastic re-usable book covers or,
my favourite - washi tape!
like this...

Last year we printed them out at officeworks then made them into stickers using our xyron machine

this year it's washi tape

use your imagination!

I hope you enjoy these!
Please feel free to share the link to this post with your friends!
Happy wrapping!


cristina said...

Oh! i used to have a "rubber collection" ooooh i wish i still had it, i had so many! but i always throw stuff away... :O( oh what memories your pictures of your erasers brought back...gorgeous.

suburbansider said...

Thanks cristina! I'm glad they brought back some memories!
I am a bit of a hoarder but sometimes these things do come in handy!

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