Wednesday, January 18, 2012

tuesday treasures {on wednesday}

In time honoured Thomas {that's my last name} tradition, I am a tad late to join in, however best to be a day late than never!

I am joining in with Tuesday Treasures created by Rach at her sweet blog called Picklebug. She has some very interesting stuff going on at hers and I especially love how her daughter has decorated her room - very cool young vintage going on there!

I found Picklebug via Lemon Rhodes who is also a recently discovered favourite read - you should check her out too, she is very lovely and friendly.
I am always finding new blogs I love, which is hard to keep up with but some of my more recent finds have been very friendly and I appreciate the comments! Thanks for visiting me too!

I am going to enjoy looking at everyone's treasures and I am going to enjoy adding my own suburban treasures into the mix as well. You should join in too... Enchanting Forest -  I am looking at you.

So here we are - Tuesday Treasures number 1...

I have shown him off already for January Photo A Day but here he is again...

a favourite money box I've had since I was little. Definitely a "he" despite the pink flowers on top.
I don't know if he's kitch or dreadful because I have known him forever but I think he's beautiful, and sunny and pretty!
No money inside but he looks cheerful enough!
Here is the link again if you would like to follow along! Tuesday Treasures


Rach said...

Yay! He is very cute, and I agree that he is most definitely a 'he'!

Thanks for joining, I look forward to seeing more treasures as the weeks go by.

Rach x

jody said...

Definitely a 'he'! And I think he is just lovely!
Thank you for the mention Ainslie, you may have made me blush a little!
Look forward to seeing next weeks treasure!
xx j

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