Sunday, January 8, 2012

perfect sunday

 Am sooo tired tonight!
Have spent the day moving furniture around the house after getting up early for my 6km Sunday morning walk with friends.
In the afternoon we were at Mum and Dad's in the pool ~ so now I'm ready for bed.
Now that all of my furniture has been painted brand sparkling new white, I am putting it back into place and de-cluttering and organising as I do it. Rooms are getting changed around so that they function better for us. It's a big job and one of those things that look a lot worse before they look better. Things in our little house were getting chaotic before so pretty much anything's an improvement.
With the new white furniture and spring clean my house is looking so much lighter and bigger, it's very encouraging to keep on going.
So here's the after and before shot of my corner shelf. It lives in my kitchen. I inherited this one from my sister. SO much better!

and just to prove today was a perfect Sunday,
here's my photo for the January photo a day challenge... DAY 8 "your sky"
Perfect Sunday to you too!


cristina said...

oh it does look better! Its gorgeous now! Good work.

suburbansider said...

Thank you! I agree - it was worth the hard work!

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