Sunday, January 15, 2012

perfect sunday

The day started out promising with my early Sunday morning walk. I thought I would get so much done but as the morning wore on I got tired and ended up having a nap on my son's bed. I had sat down to watch him play in his newly tided room and well, one thing led to another. 

My little house was dark and cool today. We turned on the lamps by lunchtime to make it a little more cheery. It rained outside. I admired how much my herbs, tomatoes and bok choi my friend gave me for christmas have grown.

I took some photos of my bookshelves which I have just finished re-organising. Very satisfactory. 
Do you like my little twin bird salt & pepper shakers? My friend Leesa gave them to me for my birthday. 

She has her own blog again. Leesa Perry Photography. Leesa was my original blogging buddy back in, 
I think it was 2005 when she first encouraged me to start a blog. 
We had a great old time, blogging our socks off. We both joined in with the phenomenon that was Loobylu's Month Of Softies and one of Leesa's softies even made his way into a softies book
{Lucky Dog is right there on the front cover!} 
However we took quite an extended break from blogging but I am now so glad we are both back! 
She is a natural light children's photographer and has some really stunning images. 
She is currently doing the 365 photos project and each one is a delightful peek into her world.

A nice quiet day, thankfully nowhere to go. A perfect Sunday! I hope yours was too.


Rach said...

Look at all your awesome treasures on your bookshelf!
You should link this post up to my Tuesday's treasures!
Lots of lovely things there!

Rach x

suburbansider said...

Thanks Rach!
I would LOVE to join in. I saw your "tuesday treasures" and thought it was a great idea but I had already my post for Tuesday, {I'm doing a series called Two for Tuesday"}... but you know what, I'm just going to do two posts on tuesdays now!
Ps I love your style!

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