Sunday, January 29, 2012

perfect sunday

how was your day?
We braved the morning walk at 6.30 as there were grey skies with no rain but sure enough, a minute in and hello, there's the drizzle. If it hadn't been so warm, I would have hated it but apart from the water streaming into my eyes, I really enjoyed it. Jeremy Fisher would approve.
My friend who's super fit joined us this morning but halfway through, decided to run on ahead and stop in at our local to get a coffee whilst she waited for us to catch up, and then she joined us again for the rest of the walk! What a cheek!
Not a bad idea though, something for me to aim for... not fit enough yet darn it!

Other than that, a stay at home day. Baked weet-bix chocolate slice, had my niece and nephew over for a play and pretty much buried myself in my office to continue with the clean out - it's been all January long but I am getting somewhere... a few sunny pockets of order!

just as I was blogging my day, my sister Louise just popped in with a chocolate cake for me the kids as a thank you! Can never have too much chocolate!

another perfect sunday, hope yours was too!


Kaylovesvintage said...

oh that sounds like a wonderful Sunday , enjoy

jody said...

That slice looks amazing! Glad you had a great day, I did too! xx

Lou said...

Love the photos! lou x

My Busy Little Life said...

Omg that slice looks sooooo good!!!! Love all your pics x

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