Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Ladies

Hope you have all had a happy day if you are celebrating Mother's Day today.

My day was quiet and restful. It started with breakfast in bed {pancakes made by Liam} and I received some sweet presents from the boys. Liam and I had coffee and cake at the Cottage Garden Nursery and Antique Center earlier in the week and I found another puppy to add to our menagerie. We called him Bob after a little terrier who is the hero of one of Agatha Christie's books "Dumb Witness".
Little Luke chose this chocolate rose from his school Mother's Day stall.

My sisters and I celebrated our Mother earlier last week before she went on an overseas trip with Dad. She is at the moment visiting Denmark with the added purpose of doing some family history research into her danish ancestors. Mum has been methodically collecting information into our family history for over ten years including scanning hundreds of slides and ancient photographs. It will be a treasure for us all in years to come. I am eagerly looking forward to Dad's photos when they get back. Of course I miss them already. Mum is one of the biggest players in what makes my life work! She does a lot for me and my boys.

I would also like to mention all of my friends who are mothers - you all work so hard and always inspire me. You are the village around me it takes to raise a child. We all have truly had some difficult moments yet I am proud to say we all know how to laugh our arses off, have a good time, find as much joy as possible from the roles we chose and still somehow manage to hold on to what makes us the unique people we are. Our hearts have all grown bigger in the process and we always find a bit of extra room in our homes and lives for the people who need us.

And "Mummy Bloggers" this includes YOU! You are an extension of my friends and family. You are there all day and night with your stories, photos {pretty and messy} and are always a comfort.
I hope you all get how much value you are. Mums need people around them, people on their team. Doesn't matter where you get it from.

Brisbane writer Rebecca Sparrow has written a fantastic post on her blog called: Why I won't read "Mummy Blogs". You gotta read it. It's important. Maybe you feel sometimes, like me, like you don't have enough time to do all the things you need to do, want to do and why am I even wasting time writing this blog? Well, you HAVE to make time for things that you want, things that are important to you or you will go crazy, your brain will shrivel up like the dried apricots you are throwing in your kid's lunch boxes. People like me really value visiting your blogs - so thank you and thank you Rebecca Sparrow.

Finally, here are some vintage mummies for you to read about ~ Mrs Miniver, who is lovely and 
E.M. Delafield's Diary of a Provincial Lady, who is quite hilarious. If you like English fiction set in wartime, then you will like these. As a Mother, you will be able to relate to their antics no matter how removed from your 2013 lives, I swear. I particularly like the covers of both of these books, Mrs Miniver dating from, according to the dedication in the front page, 1941 and The Diary of a Provincial Lady, a modern copy done in vintage style by Cath Kidston. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I heart Paddington!

My sister and I went to Paddington, {a gorgeous inner city suburb of Brisbane, in this instance, for those of you who don't know} to buy birthday and Mother's Day presents for our Mum!
We also did manage to fit in a spot of afternoon tea at Monty's Chocolates. I love a visit to Paddington but what made it extra special this time was this...

Look what I found!
I love the person who trims their hedge into a heart. I'd like to see more!

Monday, May 6, 2013

pictures for my kitchen

I am so happy that my lease on my little house in Tarragindi has just been renewed for another year - no dreaded move, thank goodness! However I am still settling in to my "new place". Rejigging, finding what works, reorganising. A year is not enough time apparently.
I recently found these beautiful frames in a box of frames and pictures which either need to be hung or revamped. They come from my mother's childhood. I love their chipped paint and slightly convex glass. I had previously had other pictures in them but this time I wanted them in the kitchen to hold a gorgeous card with a teacup photograph I have been keeping for forever. 
And perfectly, I was able to use a page from one of my 2012 calendars. I think they make a sweet pair. 
Love to reuse stuff to stop it from becoming, well... just stuff.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

valentine etsy

♥ Valentine's Day gift ideas from Etsy ~ a collection 

1. love between the covers but should I be reading into this?  pride and prejudice heart brooch    
2. dressed to impress ♥ coral pink stripe men's bow tie
3. a delivery from cupid  silver and gold arrow rings
4. a rose with no thorns  vintage rose brooch
5.warm & spicy ginger and juicy blood orange  Pink Clay handmade soap got to know when to hold em  Ace of Hearts Print
7. for your foxy lady  fox print purse
8. everything's rosy with  vintage pink sunglasses 
9. for all those salad days and romantic picnics  mid century pink salad set   
10. nothing declares your love more soundly than a mixed tape  cassette tape brooch
11. this product just makes me think of the term "carnal knowledge". Kissable lips... mmm bacon... don't worry it's vegan  bacon lip balm for manly men
12. vintage portable radio player ♥ for that picnic you were going on
13. he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me! ♥ daisy pewter cuff 
14. from here to eternity or maybe just a nice place to have a picnic  Oregon Beach Photography         

Sunday, February 3, 2013

sunshine on the window makes me happy

sunshine on my window by liza lukatova via 500px, via hanna niemenmaa
just a little line from a spiderbait song...
Brisbane is so sunny and gorgeous this weekend and after having some really rotten weather for a week or so you really appreciate a bit of sun.

Here's some sunshine on the window via pinterest...

by Matilda Viegas on flickr via Michal Rosen Bar

via erica wyant

katy lhulier via rosa grueso

via esteva vazquez
via solitaire - solidaire via kirstine kragballe


from suburbansider {that's me}


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Printable Valentine Cupid's Arrow Card

Shot through the heart and you're to blame...

I made these for my young men last year and ended up making a heap for my friends and family too, they were such a hit I wanted to share the link with you again.
These were created by Sweet Muffin Suite - they are super cool and very easy to make.
Here's a link to my original post which also includes a sweet recipe for a spicy black pepper chocolate valentine brownie, perfect for gifts too!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Perfect, if slightly damp, Sunday

Poor old Brisbane and in fact much of Queensland has been drenched! It continued to be torrential all day and the wind has thrown it's two cents in as well. I have never heard it actually whistle and howl so loudly before! Every window and door in my house is rattling and the branches of the trees next to the house are rapping on the windows in a very agitated way.
We've got sideways rain and the water-catchments and nearby creeks are looking scarily full. The house is damp, my pile of laundry grows unrelentingly larger but from the sounds of things I could be a lot worse off, other people have lost power and are watching waters rise across their backyards. People in northern cities of Queensland are facing hurricanes. Hopefully it will be nothing like the floods of this time two years ago...

Little "Bow Tie Killer" is keeping watch for me

We barricaded ourselves in and admittedly it was good to have the excuse to relax and catch up on some reading {of the blog and books-from-the-library variety}. Of course I did have a pile of back to school books to cover awaiting me on the dinning table but I just gave those an occasional cold stare and otherwise ignored them for today. Tomorrow!

a couple of the new collection of zakka books from the library - I love them!

I did lots of other things to prep us all for the back to school performance that will begin on
Tuesday morning - or may not... I have heard a rumor school may not open because of the weather
{I don't believe it though}. Either way I have clean socks, ironed uniforms, frozen sandwiches
{thanks Michelle and Ben for the hot tip} and bags and lunchboxes ready to go!

It was so dark inside the house today. The lamp light cast some pretty shadows.

And in much happier news... "The Jungle Giants" came in at number 83 with their song "She's A Riot" in the Triple J Hottest 100 2012!! And no wonder, they have been working their butts off, playing heaps of gigs and festivals, making radio appearances,  touring with some amazing bands and just being so brilliant and fun to watch live. I love their music!
I was super happy and have never been so tensely awaiting the countdown. My friend Cesira who is their amazing and beautiful guitarist was so excited. They have produced two Eps and are now recording their first album which I can't wait for. Here are some links to two of their latest filmclips if you'd like to hear and see more. 
"She's A Riot" and one of my absolute faves "You've Got Something"

coming to you from dampened circumstances but not spirits, Ains xx

Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day!
It's a bit of an outrage the rain is coming down in buckets on our barbecues across Brisbane today but I'm just happy to have a precious day off work to spend time with my boys.
Obviously we're going to be celebrating that Australia is the best country in the world, I should know, I've been to cities that never close down...
We'll still be having that barbecue with my fam, I'll be listening to Triple J's Hottest 100, I'll be very excited if my favourite Brisbane band, The Jungle Giants make an appearance with this song.
We won't be going to the cockroach races or meat pie eating contests at our local pub {although I do think it's important to occasionally embrace your inner bogan}.

What will you be doing??

Photos from our trip to the Brisbane bayside suburb of Wynnum last weekend - one of the boys and my favourite places.

Have a great day!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Owl be downloading you again this year!

Have you got your calendar for 2013 yet? If not you will have to swoop down on this one. I've downloaded these for the last two years and am very happy to be able to do it again this year.
My Owl Barn has compiled, once again, a gorgeous collection of owl illustrations for you to download as a calendar. You get to pick your favourite for each month - so hard to choose!! Here are just a few examples below.

Thank you, thank you, I will treasure it all year long... you can never have too many owls, seriously.
So either click on my link button to the side or go here to get yours!

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