Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Out of the Suburbs and down to the Sea

This is where we've been for the last four days.
Hastings Point, a quiet, beautiful spot on the northern NSW coast, still fairly unmarred by development.
My parents took my boys and I away for a much needed family holiday, just like the ones I went on as a child. Happily not much has changed and the boys have had some experiences and memories just like the ones I treasure.

We stopped for a bit of lunch on the way down and marveled at the colour of the water.

We "camped" in some luxury tentshere ~ it is camping I tell you!

{little tiny dominoes, not sure where I found these! and a deck of cards that were originally my Nan's}

The tents really were so brilliant to stay in, with their own showers and polished wood floors and kitchen, tv, comfy beds, but what really was a luxury was staying so close to the beach and having a lake for fishing right behind us. There were no mozzies!

There were lots of little fish biting our bait but {secretly, gladly} they were too small to keep and had to be thrown back. My big boy learnt he could catch lots of fish.


The weather was beautiful. There was a tidal creek that ran out to the sea on which we all went for rides on sitting in blow up rings, there was an aquamarine rock pool with a sandy bottom just the right depth for little people to swim in.


We played games around the table at night and argued over the finer points of creative rule breaking.
My little boy made friends and didn't want to leave.
None of us did..... but we were glad to be home in the end.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Two owls flew in

My very own little owl candles ~ a present from a friend for 'just because'.
Her mother made them. Unfortunately I will not be burning these, they are too sweet.

On the subject of owls....

A Most Magnificent Find ~ My Owl Barn For all owlovers, {yes that's me although I am slightly scared of them ever since reading of Old Mr Brown in one of Beatrix Potter's little stories, Squirrel Nutkin when I was small } has put together 2011 Owl Lover Calendar.
A beautiful collaboration from artists of owl illustrations to make a most wonderful downloadable calendar. Choose your favourites from the gorgeous collection.
If you like owls please go and have a look - I love it and cant wait to choose mine!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Right In The Middle Of Suburbia!

Having no time for a drive in the country on an ordinary week day my lovely friend took me to visit Oxley Creek Common for a walk and a chat and some fresh, warm breezy air.
I never knew such a beautiful place was hiding in the middle of the western suburbs yet I have driven past so many times.
Fields, sunshine, birds, butterflies, moo cows and at the end of a long winding path - a Secret Forest!

{long winding path}

{secret forest!}

{the photo doesn't do it any justice!}

Hoop Pines, fallen logs, quiet shady spots to sit in the cool and secret forest ambience, fairies, toadstools and little breezes slipping between the trunks and waving loudly at the tree tops.
We decided it was "better than shopping", which had been our original plan.
I have such a wonderful, beautiful, wise friend who always makes me feel ~ Better


A Paper Wallet with gifts inside.

For my sister's birthday I created a paper wallet as a birthday card.
We were all giving her some cash so she could buy herself a new handbag and wallet so this was the perfect thing to package up my contribution.
This is the first time I have ever tried designing anything like this and doing the template was a bit tricky - with a few little teething problems but I think it came together pretty well.

The templates ready to cut out.
This is where I feel like Amelie with her big pair of scissors....

This is the wallet from the inside, with two little pockets on either side of the photograph for me to stuff the cash. I also made a little gift tag.

And now all folded up. The pattern is based on some scanned in fabric from one of my Grandmother's dresses.

Putting in a few extra cards - one a voucher for babysitting.

All done!
I'm going to make some more!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Tags

Have been making some plum pudding Christmas tags, 
I think I must have done about one hundred of these little guys. 
Repetitive but therapeutic.

Am loving the classic stabilo felt tip markers they are soooo good - they don't smudge, they are dependable

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lighting Candles

 •••  My tea light stash  •••
  Melon,  bamboo & sugarcane, french vanilla, strawberry& rhubarb, 
cinnamon, brandied apricot, lavender, hinoki stream.  
Been having a massive week cleaning and sorting 
and really, just quietly, enjoying being able to work amidst music and the scent of candles.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Reverse Garbage Adventures • Chapter 1

I found these guys at Reverse Garbage a couple of months ago and got some to put all of my cds in, however I soon found myself thinking I could use a couple or more in all sorts of places around the house. Venturing back some weeks later and the big stash in the backyard at Reverse was all gone!! 
However - to my delight - on a return visit last week - some more had magically sprung up like mushrooms {a little mildewy from all the rain}.

I spent some time scrubbing them and that's about it - a new home for my books......

and because my bookshelf just isn't big enough - 
another row to house my Agatha Christie Assortment.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Things First


better clean up this office...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Ba - ack

SO, after having a five year break I am bringing back Suburbansider.
Let's see what happens.
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