Thursday, February 7, 2013

valentine etsy

♥ Valentine's Day gift ideas from Etsy ~ a collection 

1. love between the covers but should I be reading into this?  pride and prejudice heart brooch    
2. dressed to impress ♥ coral pink stripe men's bow tie
3. a delivery from cupid  silver and gold arrow rings
4. a rose with no thorns  vintage rose brooch
5.warm & spicy ginger and juicy blood orange  Pink Clay handmade soap got to know when to hold em  Ace of Hearts Print
7. for your foxy lady  fox print purse
8. everything's rosy with  vintage pink sunglasses 
9. for all those salad days and romantic picnics  mid century pink salad set   
10. nothing declares your love more soundly than a mixed tape  cassette tape brooch
11. this product just makes me think of the term "carnal knowledge". Kissable lips... mmm bacon... don't worry it's vegan  bacon lip balm for manly men
12. vintage portable radio player ♥ for that picnic you were going on
13. he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me! ♥ daisy pewter cuff 
14. from here to eternity or maybe just a nice place to have a picnic  Oregon Beach Photography         

Sunday, February 3, 2013

sunshine on the window makes me happy

sunshine on my window by liza lukatova via 500px, via hanna niemenmaa
just a little line from a spiderbait song...
Brisbane is so sunny and gorgeous this weekend and after having some really rotten weather for a week or so you really appreciate a bit of sun.

Here's some sunshine on the window via pinterest...

by Matilda Viegas on flickr via Michal Rosen Bar

via erica wyant

katy lhulier via rosa grueso

via esteva vazquez
via solitaire - solidaire via kirstine kragballe


from suburbansider {that's me}

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