Monday, October 1, 2012

Brisbane Shines!

The sparkling finale to the 2012 Brisbane Festival lit up the sky over the river and the Spiegel Tent and Lantern Garden at south bank. We were lucky enough to get front row views from the windows of one of the city buildings on George Street. I loved having such a wonderful view and to be apart from the seething mass of the crowd below, however there was that element of being a bit removed and missing the sounds and heat and the smell, the crush, getting spattered with rain, feeling the wave of the explosions beat through you. You know, like watching the mosh pit on T.V instead of being in it - not quite the same effect. Happily, Liam as able to set up his tripod and get some beautiful photos and I wasn't stressing the whole entire time about losing Lukey. Bless him, he turned to me during the fireworks and said in my ear "I love you Mummy". Ain't it the truth, there's something about fireworks that brings us to our knees. If he, in 10 or 15 or 30 years time and whilst watching fireworks says the same thing to someone he loves I will consider my efforts in parenting a job well done. He feels the magic the same as me - thank goodness. And so did everybody else, there were thousands and  tens of thousands of people there. Ahh lovely Brisbane! I will miss all the pink!

Santos City Of Lights - 2012 - wonderful!

the Lantern Garden at Southbank

Riverfire 2012

All of the gorgeous photos were taken by Liam with the guidance of his Grandad. My parents gave him a camera and lens for this 15th birthday recently and Dad has been giving him lessons ever since. I 'm so happy he has really been interested in photography. He found his tripod on the side of the road during council clean-up - that's my boy!

And finally - there were some very special people working on this festival, turning the wheels and pressing the buttons behind the green curtain, it was wonderful! Thank you!

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