Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

This is going to be a lengthy post but there where so many brilliant pages to show you from my collection of Walter Foster Art Books.
These I believe, were published during the 1950s and 60s. 
They are a large A3 paperback "how to" series of art books featuring techniques from different artists.
I had most of my books passed down from my Dad who studied art. I also was delighted to find some recently during a trip to the Mt Tamborine markets. 
So much vintage goodness and they have been a valuable resource to me... now my 14 yr old has nabbed them! Strict instructions to look after them, however what I love about them are the splotches of paint from across the years! 
These are very much treasured by us.


More Tuesday Treasures at Picklebug! Do go and visit!

two for tuesday

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

perfect sunday

how was your day?
We braved the morning walk at 6.30 as there were grey skies with no rain but sure enough, a minute in and hello, there's the drizzle. If it hadn't been so warm, I would have hated it but apart from the water streaming into my eyes, I really enjoyed it. Jeremy Fisher would approve.
My friend who's super fit joined us this morning but halfway through, decided to run on ahead and stop in at our local to get a coffee whilst she waited for us to catch up, and then she joined us again for the rest of the walk! What a cheek!
Not a bad idea though, something for me to aim for... not fit enough yet darn it!

Other than that, a stay at home day. Baked weet-bix chocolate slice, had my niece and nephew over for a play and pretty much buried myself in my office to continue with the clean out - it's been all January long but I am getting somewhere... a few sunny pockets of order!

just as I was blogging my day, my sister Louise just popped in with a chocolate cake for me the kids as a thank you! Can never have too much chocolate!

another perfect sunday, hope yours was too!

Friday, January 27, 2012

January Photo A Day - Week Four

When I wrote the title -week 4, I thought - goodness January is already coming to an end!
Chantelle has recently created the photo a day challenge list for February so there is another month of ideas to spark your creativity. Challenge yourself, take a look at something different or at something the same but from a different perspective... and take a photo of it!

Here's my gallery for the week!
This one's my favourite.

DAY 21 ~ reflection this is a little mirror that once belonged to my Nan.
I think the little details are so pretty.


I have uploaded them all individually to my January Photo A Day Set on Flickr if you would like to see and I have also joined twitter {better late than never!}, where I post my photos daily! Follow me ~ love to see you!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Magnificent Miniatures In Rue Magazine

Oh goodness I was so delighted to see this feature {small scale style PAGE 42} in the
January issue of Rue Magazine!
Small scale = big love!
I have a bit of a thing for little wee miniatures.
My sister recently had a "Tiny Party" for her little girl and I very willingly unpacked my box of doll's house miniatures to help her decorate accordingly.
Here are some of the photos from the day...

Rue magazine has got me all inspired to get into the shed and haul out the doll's house I found on the side of the road and give it a makeover!

Ahhh Rue magazine - you are starting something I may not be able to finish!
But check it out - so many pages of loveliness!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

It's Australia Day on Thursday so... a little piece of Australiana for my Tuesday Treasure.

When I was 10 or 12 my family gave me my first piece of Aynsley china. 
It was very special and grown up to receive fine bone china in a box and I had be very 
careful to look after it. 
I was delighted especially because it had my name on it, albeit a different spelling. 
Since then I have collected more pieces over the years. 
Mum and Dad brought this little dish back for me from a Sydney holiday as a souvenir. 
It's one of my favourites. 
I much prefer a vintage, second hand reminder of a place than the modern, plasticky variety.  

Hope you like my Tuesday Treasure! I am drooling over a vintage cream with green stripes
kitchen mixer over at Picklebug's blog She has more Tuesday Treasures there ~ have a look.

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1 quote + 1 picture = two for tuesday

Sunday, January 22, 2012

perfect sunday

I went for my long hilly Sunday walk and took my older son with me.
His Uncle Dan is going to keep us honest for the rest of the year - as he said, "only 40 or so more walks to go and imagine how fit you'll be!"
I am impressed with myself for sticking to it for several weeks now, mostly because I am most definitely NOT a morning person, especially not a 6am Sunday morning person! But it's been great and when Liam joined us today for the first time, he kept up all the way and we kept our speed from the week before - what a champion! Helps when you have got someone to motivate you and be waiting at your front door each week - thanks Dan!

Some beautiful "rain flowers" at Dan's and my sister Louise's house.

Apart from the fitness benefits of our walks - getting up early makes the day really long and I have
been fitting heaps in!
I have finished my "Back Room Reorganise" and took some photos...

One room down and quite a few more to go but it feels great having a proper dining room after being squished into a corner of our lounge. Our back room now has an area to eat and a reading corner. Behind the table is my cupboard holding all of the riffraff such as cleaning stuff, my ironing board and vacum a shelf for all of our board games and puzzles. We've been enjoying family dinners and sitting around fighting over games. I thought I'd better take some pics before the table inevitably becomes buried under homework, sewing, projects, etc over the next week.

Like my free suitcase? Courtesy of The Side Of The Road.

Then there was the last minute grocery shopping to for The Start Of The New School Year...

Who on earth goes to Woolworths on a Sunday afternoon the day before school's back?
Geez, get organised people - it was really crowded and annoying. {okay, that admittedly was me}.
It was gridlock with trolleys fully of school lunch paraphernalia being strategically crammed into queues at the checkouts. It was like a badly played game of tetrus by a lot of harassed looking mothers.
The streets outside the school are going to look like that too tomorrow morning and I just know there
are going to be tons of new parents who don't get the parking system.
{like me ~ again, who got a ticket on my first child's first day of school ~ so mean!}

However, it was worth the trip. I found these ~ BANANA MILKY WAY!

Did some office tidying - it's a "Work In Progress"...

And finally, just because it's been so unusually cool and breezy in the afternoons for this time of year ~ another walk...

Another perfect Sunday. Hope yours was too!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Photo A Day - Week Three

week three!

some interesting and challenging topics - water was my favourite.
I called this one "sailing through suburbia" - a little trapped no?
well, lets not get too deep - it looks pretty right?


I have posted my daily photos on my flickr page with a small explanation of each if you would like to read about them.

This particular January Photo A Day Challenge was created by Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim
Thank you ~ I am enjoying it very much!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

tuesday treasures {on wednesday}

In time honoured Thomas {that's my last name} tradition, I am a tad late to join in, however best to be a day late than never!

I am joining in with Tuesday Treasures created by Rach at her sweet blog called Picklebug. She has some very interesting stuff going on at hers and I especially love how her daughter has decorated her room - very cool young vintage going on there!

I found Picklebug via Lemon Rhodes who is also a recently discovered favourite read - you should check her out too, she is very lovely and friendly.
I am always finding new blogs I love, which is hard to keep up with but some of my more recent finds have been very friendly and I appreciate the comments! Thanks for visiting me too!

I am going to enjoy looking at everyone's treasures and I am going to enjoy adding my own suburban treasures into the mix as well. You should join in too... Enchanting Forest -  I am looking at you.

So here we are - Tuesday Treasures number 1...

I have shown him off already for January Photo A Day but here he is again...

a favourite money box I've had since I was little. Definitely a "he" despite the pink flowers on top.
I don't know if he's kitch or dreadful because I have known him forever but I think he's beautiful, and sunny and pretty!
No money inside but he looks cheerful enough!
Here is the link again if you would like to follow along! Tuesday Treasures

Monday, January 16, 2012

presents in the post

sometimes when life gives you lemons, someone lovely just happens to post you an unexpected parcel filled with love and cute stuff.
This morning I was awoken very early and abruptly by, to put it delicately, my little son spewing his guts up. The rest of the day wasn't the best, I had to miss work but in the afternoon I received a present from my friend Kelly who lives in Sydney and can I tell you, it couldn't have come at a better time.
Us three in the sick house were all very cheered up by it!

YAY for HAPPY LAB - I have been drooling at these over the internet for some time firstly for their superb packaging and secondly for the sweetness within! I love this concept!

cola and strawberry happy pops, blueberry happy strap, strawberry peppermint secret mints 
and candy floss happy beans!

And a gorgeous retro spaceship fabric covered notebook and coin purse!
I love these = perfect for taking notes on my intergalactic adventures. From Kaboodle Designs!

A calendar full of dreamy images from Typo, love the front cover and... how did you know I desperately needed a new mouse pad!?! Here's the before and afters...

I feel very loved!
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