Monday, July 25, 2011

born in the 70's

I was excited to find this present for my friend's birthday at the Wolloongabba Antiques Centre  and couldn't wait to give it to her for her birthday this weekend. We had previously had a lovely morning together there and as we both oohed and ahhed over various items I noticed she had a particular weakness for those beautifully hideous combinations of 70's tableware and crockery combining stoneware and wood, orange, brown and mustard. I must admit to feeling a slight sense of nostalgia for them which has now turned my opinion from distaste to love! It is amazing how your taste can change so much so that something you once regarded as ugly can appear so aesthetically pleasing. 
Love makes anything look beautiful!

I was very pleased that my friend loved them too. I also found a suitably 70's card! I love this range by Australian artist Sue Adams taken from her work during the 70's. I got mine from David Jones but you can also see a range available at lark

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Little Person's Party

Today we went to an Octonauts Party!
Octonauts is a super cute Australian children's animation. 
Always a delight to attend a party hosted by my very creative friends, always good food and a distinctive variety of home brew on offer, {today's was hazelnut!}.
...and the magnificent cakes which taste as good as they look.

Wouldn't it be fabulous to be able to wear exactly the same dress as your friend! 
No... maybe a bit single white female? Maybe only cool when you are six. 
{our present to the birthday girl}

We loved the Octonaut wrapped chocolate bar to take home!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slightly boring...

Well I had a bit of a quiet weekend which was FANTASTIC!
On Friday arvo I was shouted lunch at "The Boys" {review from Green bean Food} at Kelvin Grove - I rate it - you should stop in there if you are in the area - so yum. My boys had a visit with their Dad for the first time in nearly a year so I was all alone which was a bit unsettling...
I started with my weekly martial arts/self defence lesson on Friday evening, {I don't know if I've already mentioned it, but I love it and it's so good for stress!}. Then a cup of tea at my friend's and then dinner at IKEA shouted {again} by my sister - the bomb! Saturday morning it rained and it was cold but I got up very early and used my morning to myself to work out at the gym with my friends which made me very happy. I also cleaned house, did some babysitting and relaxed in between.
My friends knew I was on a bit of a downer this week - how much do I love my friends? - they are everything to me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brisbane - Why no Haigh's?

Am about to embark on a delightful diversion from the conventional via some Haigh's Chocolate (mmmm - do not visit website if you are sensitive to chocolate) via my friend returning from a trip to Melbourne.
Yes, no ordinary block-o-choc, so much better.
I also have a peppermint mouse and also some pretty beads and earrings sparkling at me from inside my little souvenir packet from Melbourne.
Well... they may have Haigh's amongst other marvels to recommend their city but I heard the weather made Brisbane feel tropical in comparison!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5 Design Secrets

I came across this inspiring and entertaining talk by Graphic Designer Michael Bierut via the AGDA website.
Can you shed a tear over graphic design?
Yes you can! { I am referring to point 5!}

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

Went to the Jungle Giants EP Launch in May. It was held {aptly} at the Zoo in The Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. It was a fantastic night! Of course you know I love them, they did not disappoint.
I purchased a special pack containing their EP, a rad poster, some stickers and my choice of a little jungle animal - I chose a tiger {grr I am year of the tiger}.
I brought him home and my menagerie welcomed him.

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