Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! Thirteen, lucky for some

2012 has been immense. I moved house, began a completely brand spanking, career changing new job as a library assistant and then shortly after, interviewed again and went from a part timer to a full timer. So whilst still unpacking the house I have been trekking up the very steep learning curve that has come with working in a new job and trying to manage my fulltimerness with being a solo parent. Thank goodness my littlest one loves after school care and that my parents are on standby for at least once a week baby sitting. I have considered this a very fortunate year for me. I LOVE my new job and whilst it's sometimes tricky to juggle everything it's not half as stressful as when I was studying full time and working part time a couple of years ago. I am working with some very encouraging and supportive people at my new work who have helped me settle in and held my hand when necessary. Obviously my blog has fallen by the wayside and like my garden, although I love gardening so much, lack of time and energy has seen it become a bit weedy and neglected looking. So time to put some love back in. I hope you will stay tuned and thank you to all of the people who's blogs I have visited in 2012. You inspire and cheer me, no matter what, any time of the day or night, whatever I need, you are there.
Happy 2013!

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