Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to save your flood damaged photographs!

One of the images on the news that distressed me was of muddy, soaking family albums sitting on a pile of garbage. Family photographs are so precious to me and I would be so distressed if they were to be damaged. Many people have digital copies of their special photographs, however some people don't...

photo by Leesa Perry Photography

Your photographs can be saved!!

Mark from Brisbane's Art House Reproductions and Inkjet Lab is offering an amazing service for flood damaged photos to preserve, scan and copy them to disk free of charge!!

 "Art House Reproductions and Inkjet Lab survived the flood unscathed and would like to do our share to help."

Their office is in the beautiful inner city suburb of Bowen Hills and I believe the flood waters got pretty close.
Mark has added some tips on how to clean your photographs and store then until they can be scanned and has created a page on his website here to help you with this.

from Mark Lutz at Inkjet Lab :

"If you see anyone with damaged photos get them to rinse them thoroughly in fresh clean water and lay them out on towels to dry. This will help save the vast majority of them. if there are any photos in frames behind glass, get them out of there asap, taking great care when peeling the photo off the glass as it can stick, then rinse as before."

If considering Mark's generous offer please go to his website for exact details. He requires you to store your clean wet photos in sealed bags and get them to him as soon as possible. 


• The important thing is to clean them to remove mud before they dry!
• They need to be immersed in clean water and rinsed by wiping your hands over the 
   wet surface under running water.
• Dry them on a flat surface in a clean dry area. Lay them out on a clean absorbent paper towel or cloth.
• They must be thoroughly dry before storing away again.

If you are scanning your photographs yourself keep in mind that as long as they have been cleaned and dried as soon as possible they then can be stored and scanned and retouched at a later date.

• Another helpful link: useful information on cleaning 
individual photographs and whole albums ~RBG Digital Pro Lab

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